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Microsoft HoloLens Excites Everyone With Futuristic Interface

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) started 2015 with a great news for the entire tech world. The Redmond headquartered company has an India CEO now and is revolutionizing the computing world as it has been doing since its inception. The latest video from Microsoft will show you the future and all that from its innovative product called HoloLens, a one of a kind headset that is bigger than Google Glass or any other real-world technology innovation the world has seen.microsoft-hololens

The video made everyone excited about what is coming and when Microsoft has shown it off, it is expected to come real soon. The company is also releasing its latest Windows 10 Operating System, but this Augmented Reality project is likely to drive everyone towards the brand.


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The company already has handheld technology products that are based on virtual reality technology. Microsoft’s Kinect was used for entertainment and motion-sensing system worked perfectly. HoloLens is being unveiled and it crossed all the borders of human imagination. It could help you build a digital 3D world of your own and interact with the real world by creating lots of things. HoloLens responds to your gestures and speech.

This is a great leap in technology and after a long time too many people are excited about a Microsoft product. HoloLens is expected to change things for the company on a global level. The digital borders of the world are expanding and virtual reality is a sector which is getting the highest number of traction and investments at the moment.

Microsoft is all set to win the consumers and trying to produce the device as affordable and viable as possible. Soon you will be having Skype calls on your office or study walls and can dive into games with the help of Microsoft HoloLens. Check out engineers from NASA exploring Mars with the HoloLens in the video.

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