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DALER: A bat robot that can fly as well as walk

DALER is one of its kind as the Bat robot can walk as well as fly. DALER is the acronym for Deployable Air Land Exploration Robot and has been specifically designed for the purpose to serve the needs of individuals struck by a natural disaster. The robot has been exclusively designed for the purpose of rescuing individuals from difficult situations. The robot can fly as well as walk freely according to the demands of the situation. The fact that DALER can do both, the drone has a special advantage over most of the drones currently used for the purpose.DALER: A bat robot that can fly as well as walk

DALER has been built by a team of scientists at the National Centre of Competence in Research’s (NCCR) division of Robotics in Switzerland. The drone is actually inspired by the locomotion methods and techniques observed by a bat. DALER takes its flight in a similar fashion as the drone is fitted with wings similar to that of the bats. The Drone follows all the major movement maneuvers followed by a bat, which gives it a another advantage over the general drones.

The most interesting feature about DALER is its walking maneuver. The drone has been designed in such a way that the walking maneuvers depicts a bat as well. DALER comes with retractable wings. The flexible skin and the motor controlling the wings gives DALER an added advantage.

The experts believe that the drone can be of great prospect as the application is huge. Considering the fact that the Drone can both fly and walk, it can be used at various locations. With more additions and innovations to the drone, DALER can certainly be transformed into a highly organized drone for helping the individuals struck by a Natural Disasters.

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