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Kia Motors recalls 86,880 2014 Forte sedans over fire risk

Kia Motors is all set to recall approximately 86,880 Forte Sedans from all over the United States. According to the reports, the recall is being made by Kia Motors, owing to some heating issues with the Forte Sedans. The cars being recalled are possibly under the risk of catching fire. As it happens, this is probably one of the first few recalls made early this year. Considering the kind of year that automakers had in 2014, it is sad to see that 2015 has also begun literally on the same page.Kia Motors recall 86,880 2014 Forte Sedans

The recall made by Kia Motors involves a certain model of Forte Compact Sedan made in the year 2014. The recall will probably be initiated by the end of the month of February as stated on the official website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Sedans involved have already been the part of a few engine fires linked to the overheating of the cooling resistor. Although, no casualties have been reported as of yet, Kia Motors is probably not willing to take any risk.

As a part of the recall, the deals of Kia Motors will replace the Cooling fan resistor and the multi-fuse units in the recalled cars. In addition, the software of the cars with 1.8 liter engines will also be updated to ensure the safety. No statement has been made by the Kia Motors officials. The South Korean car maker will be expected to carry out the recall procedures in time.

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