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Microsoft integrates DirectX 12 to Windows 10, supports Unreal Engine

Microsoft at least clear a few questions regarding DirectX 12, which is due to be included in the company’s upcoming Windows 10. The next version of Graphics Software, DirectX 12 will be much better than its successors as reported by a company official, who is none other than the Xbox boss Phil Spencer during the Windows 10 event in Redmond.microsoft-directx-12

The main doubt regarding Windows 10 and DirectX 12 has always been the graphical features. The general idea had always been that individuals will have to upgrade their Graphics cards in order to enjoy DirectX 12. The reports suggest that the gamers will not be required to add to or replace their graphics card.


Microsoft added that they are working closely with the major manufacturers of hardware components such that the GPU’s can be designed in such a way that they support DirectX 12. Although, the company is not ready to share all information about DirectX 12, but they have promised to help out the manufacturers like NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, etc. to help out in designing of the next generation GPUs.

According to Microsoft, DirectX 12 will have a lot of features which will take the gaming experience to a completely different level. Although with the current Graphic Cards, DirectX 12 will not be at its full flow, but the gaming experience will be enhanced significantly.

Phil Spencer said:

“With DirectX 12, we also know that people are playing games on phones and other devices powered by battery. We wanted to focus on performance, but also on battery life. We’ve cut the power consumption required in half for the same scenes on Direct X 11.”

Microsoft will roll out DirectX 12 along with its new Windows 10 operating system and the most important part of the DirectX is, Epic Games’ popular Unreal Engine will support the new standard. So far, we know that, DirectX 12 will be available exclusively with Microsoft Windows 10.

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