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Google’s Eric Schmidt predicts that the Internet will disappear in future

Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt has made one of the most interesting statements of the year till now. In an interview conducted at the World Economic Forum, Google Executive Chairman, stated that soon the internet will disappear. If you go by the literal meaning of the words, you will certainly be astonished. But the man has spoken the truth to a certain extent. The truth is that the Internet is a part of the human life in such a way that you cannot separate it anymore. The intimacy is growing at such a rate that after a point of time, we will not be able to contemplate on the differences that will exist.Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt predicts Internet's disappearance

According to the man himself, the interaction that we have with the Internet is growing at such a pace, that a time will come when both will merge together without our knowledge. Mr. Schmidt stated that humans today use so many electronic devices that most of them don’t even realize how, why and when they became dependent on it. The rise in the number of IP addresses directly show the growth of Internet among the humans. The Internet is presently the part of every human being’s existence.


The man has also predicted that arrival of much more complex systems, which will be highly personalized and interactive. The fact that most of the revenue for the major tech giants comes from the data itself, the possibility that everyone will look to develop its technology stays live. Thus, with the increase in the  number of smart devices, the network will grow and it might well happen that the humans are interacting with the Internet directly. According to him, the idea of a smart home falls in this category. Although, All of his words are not certain, but still the words do not seem to be hollow.

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