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6 Powerful Smartphones for Under $400 (Android, Windows Phone)

It is not necessary that for buying a good Smartphone you need to be an affluent person. Of course, every cheap phone cannot give the featured function, but there a few smartphones that are featured for the specific market  needs and demands. But you might get some interesting deals under $400; let us check what are these?

In this post, I have made a list of 6 smartphones (including a Windows Phone device) that can come under your $400 budget with powerful features.


Xiaomi Mi Note – $370

This is a China based smartphone handset which has earned the powerful flagship. This phone comes under the miniscule of $370. It bears a highly low price structure which has made it highly popular in Asia.


Xiaomi Mi Note, comes out with the great specific specification such as 6.95, frame, 3000mAh battery, HD curved Gorilla Glass Display, 13 MP Sony rear camera along with 4 MP front facing snapper, 3GB RAM, and Snapdragon 801 processor. Xiaomi has amalgamated expertise with the other companies such as Sony, Qualcom etc.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus – $399

Huawei is not new as it always comes with something cheap and best. However, the company does not forget to stitch the quality line services. Along with the Ascend P7 and 8 MP front facing camera, 6-inch Mate 7. The gadget is made up of 95% metal which is a rare thing to see in the cheapest mobile. Huawei sports three 8 MP camera giving you an outstanding experience.


The front and the back camera (the one acts like a senor) allows user to change the focus of the clicked picture. The features of this device are interesting as such you will find, 5.5-inch full HD display, 3GB RAM, 4G HiSilicon Kirin 925 processor, along with its expandable storage as well as 3600m Ah battery.

Asus Zenfone 2 – $199

Asus’s Zenfone is popular across the world and this popularity can be estimated through 8 million units sold till now. The company is making ample profit and this is a reason the company is knocking up with Zenfone 2. Zenfone is one of the most deserving smartphone under $200.


It holds exclusive features such as 4GB RAM, a 64-bit Intel core processor, along with full HD display, 13 MP rear facing snapper. Customers will also get 5MP front facing camera, 4G micro SD slot and 3000m Ah battery.

Archos 50 Diamond – $300


The Archos Diamond 50 which has been launched recently has also bagged some interesting features. Along with 1080p screen, the phone is catered with 16 MP rear facing camera, 2GB RAM, and let me tell you that it is a 4G phone that is supposed to run with Android Lollipop. Although if you are looking for the dashing design, then it may not stand out exclusively, but it’s amazing light weight may impress you enough as it only weighs around 146g.

Microsoft Lumia 830 – $350

The Lumia 830 is the best case to come out from the Microsoft. Interestingly, its low price design does not affect its quality and the appearance. Partly it is a metal with a touch plastic trademark. This design has beautiful texture and the brightly colored design which loudly talks about its quality niche. The back cover is removable and you can easily replace the battery and the micro SD slot.


The phone is 4G enabled, and supports the Qi wireless charging facility. Customers will be facilitated with 10 MP camera that supports with the Microsoft excellent PureView technology. The device comes out with several other perks such as a free Skype subscription, Mix Radio, One Note and also one can work with the protected word documents.

OnePlus One – $349


One Plus One does not come out with something exclusive this time. The device offers some general specification such as full HD display, 3GB RAM, quad-core 2.5 GHz processor, 3100mAh battery, along with 13MP camera. You will also get the Cyanogen Mod which is a great bonus for the Android lovers.

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