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Apple agrees to the iOS 8 security inspection by Chinese official

Who would have thought that the governments will want to scrutinize the most innovative product company of the world? Yes, you read it correct. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has agreed to undergo a security audit of its iPhone in China because of the increasing allegations against it.

China has been skeptical of NSA and is trying to avoid any American technology and gadgets. But Apple is much loved there by the consumers and its new phones were even sold in the black market last year. But due to security reasons China is trying to boycott American products and forcing companies to undergo a security audit to continue selling on their soil.


Apple products are loved in China and the company has a good sales record there. It cannot afford to lose such a market. Giving in to the demand of an immediate security check of its iOS code is the only option for the iconic company, founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

This news of Apple is letting a government analysis is definitely shocking. Apple’s devices are manufactured in China, but hardware and software are not done there. Apple designs the software and hardware of their handsets (iPhones), tablets (iPads) and computers (Macs) in the US.

The Chinese government wants to keep its citizen safe from external spying and has every right to question a foreign country retailer. The decision is taken in the interest of national security and Apple has bowed down to it. If its products pass the inspection, Apple can continue selling and it will help them strengthen their reputation in the Chinese market.

However, spying related allegations have tarnished its products but nothing has been proved as of now. We hope that iOS users can continue to use these gadgets without any worry of information theft. Once the security audit report comes out, Apple’s future in the Chinese market will be clear.

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