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Blackberry CEO John Chen wants applications to be under Net Neutrality

While the issue of Net Neutrality has raised a few eyebrows, it has also found some appreciators. But Jauary 21 saw the issue go for a complete spin on its head as BlackBerry CEO, John Chen stated that the rules of Net Neutrality should apply to applications as well. According to him, various applications should also come under the banner of Net Neutrality. Since most of the applications designed for various mobile operating systems use internet for downloads and other in-app features, the developers should be neutral and design the applications for all the available platforms.

Blackberry CEO, John Chen, in his letter to the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, wrote about his thoughts on application of Net Neutrality of content on the internet and the  various applications for mobile devices. In his letter, he mainly spoke about how applications are biased fashion, thus violating the basic fundamentals of Net Neutrality.


Mr. Chen referred to an instance when Blackberry allowed the Android and iOS users to download Blackberry Messenger, such that they can communicate with their friends using Blackberry devices. On the other hand, Apple did not allow Blackberry users to download iMessenger for the same purpose.

The fact that most of the developers refrain themselves from developing applications for Blackberry devices and it is hurting the company, is clearly visible from his words. According to Mr. Chen, android and iOS have created an invisible layer, where their users are subjected to a lot more content compared to users on other mobile operating system. He does not blame the community of applications developers for it. Chen believes that this is a different kind of discrimination portrayed and can only be stopped if applications come under Net Neutrality. Although, certain words from Chen are justified, it will interesting to see how things unfold now.


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