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Twitter teams up with Bing to provide translation for tweets; adds ‘while you were away’ feature

Twitter gets better as the social media giant has teamed up with Bing to provide translation of tweets and retweets in their native language. More often than not it has been seen that users cannot understand the tweets, which are not in their native language. The translation to be provided by Bing will help individuals to break the communication barriers based on linguistics on Twitter. Twitter, which is among the top notch social media currently has boosted its chance of growing more with the addition of the new translation feature.

According to the reports, the tweets and retweets, which are not in the native language of the users will be translated to the user by Bing Translation. The translation feature will be available for Android, iOS and Windows application users. The desktop users can also avail the features by clicking on show translation. For the desktop users, there will be a globe icon displayed on the right hand corner for the tweets, which are not in the native language of the user. The users can click on it and an expansion will follow under the original tweet. The users can also toggle the features on and off via the account settings on desktop or laptop.


Bing will provide a translation for the users in more that 40 different pairs of languages. According to the reports, the official Bing Translator application will be used in this case. The deal between Twitter and Microsoft’s Bing does not come as a surprise, especially after the update released by Google for its translator applications. The update of Google’s Translator application has bought it quite a bit of attention, which meant some step from its main competitor, Bing, was certainly on course. It will be interesting to see how efficient the translation in this case.

Twitter teams up with Bing to provide translation for tweets;

During the testing phase, Twitter used the translation features for translating tweets between English and other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Russian. The features is currently not working for some languages like Filipino. This came into notice when the tweet from Pope Francis appeared without  a globe icon on the right hand top corner of the tweet. Nevertheless, the inclusion of the features is quite interesting and in case the users do not like it, Twitter has given them the option to disable it.

In another announcement on Wednesday, Twitter added the ‘While You were away’ feature, which enables the users to take a recap of the important tweets that they might have missed. The features had been tested with a specific number of users and the social media giant is now ready to launch it in full scale.

Twitter adds ‘while you were away’ feature

According to the reports, the ‘while you were away’ feature will scan out the tweets based on your engagement in various trends your followers and various other factors. In case you are a regular with Twitter, you will probably not be able to catch the feature on Twitter.

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