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Apple iPhone 6: Best Photo Editing Apps

iPhone can be termed as one of the best smartphones to be ever launched. With time, the Apple product has come a long way. With the recent releases, Apple has improved the specifications of the device to a completely different level. One of the best feature of an iPhone is the camera that it has. To be precise, taking a snap with an iPhone is as interesting as it can get with the middle range cameras. In addition, the applications that are available in the App store aid the act of snapping a photograph much more easy and interesting.

The reason I say that the act of taking pictures is easy and interesting is due to the applications. There are many applications in the App store which will allow the users to take pictures of great quality compared to other mobile photographs. In a way, the applications can be taken to be the reason for which Photography using an iPhone has gone to another level. The photo editing applications on offer are also of great quality. Let us take a look at the top photo editing and camera applications for iPhone.


1: Snapseed

The Best photo editing and camera applications for iPhone

When you are taking a picture using your mobile phone, there are certain aspects which you will not be able to take care of. The scenario is same even if you are using an iPhone. Snapseed is one of the photo editing application available for iPhone. Snapseed is capable enough to impart a tinge of an extra ingredient to your picture. Like the basic editing applications, Snapseed will provide the basic control of brightness and color. The application can be used extensively to add frames and textures to your pictures. You can also control the area and exposure to get the snap, you always wanted to click.

Click here to download Snapseed.

2: VSCO Cam

The Best photo editing and camera applications for iPhone

In case, you are up for the retro look, VSCO Cam is the application for you. The application comes with a set of predefined filters and effects, which will give your pictures a classic vintage appeal that you always wish for. The application also has various extend features, which will take some time for you to grasp. The application also comes with the basic functionalities like brightness control, contrast, hue, saturation, etc.. VSCO Cam also has a wide range of additional features and effects at your disposal, in case you want to spend your money on them.

Click here to download VSCO Cam.

3: Instagram
The Best photo editing and camera applications for iPhone

Most of us are well aware of the social messaging website, Instagram. Some of you might just be thinking that what its Instagram doing here, among the best photo editing and camera applications for iPhone. In reality, Instagram comes with a powerful photo editor, which allow you to share the pictures exactly the way you want. Instagram’s editing section also has quite a few predefined filters and effects loaded, which will give you the pictures, you always wanted to share. The edition options coupled with the social aspect, turns Instagram into one of the must have applications on iPhone.

Click here to download Instagram.

4: Hipstamaticscreen520x924

Hipstamatic is one of the best camera applications for iPhone. You can click one of the best pictures with Hipstamatic. The application comes with a retro layout and some of the effects and filers are such that you will find it difficult to face away from the application. There are quite a few effects and filters to choose from, which can be even exhaustive at times. Nevertheless, Hipstamatic is an application, which is a must for you.

Click here to download Hipstamatic.

5: Pro Camera
The Best photo editing and camera applications for iPhone

Just as the name suggests, Pro Camera is nothing less than a professional camera. The best feature about Pro Camera is that the application allows the user to control exposure and focus at ease. In fact, the application provides an easy control UI allowing the users to play with light until they find the perfect snap for themselves. Pro Camera is one of the oldest and much sought after photo editing applications for iPhone.

Click here to download Pro Camera.

Although there are many more applications at your disposal, not all serve the needs. These applications are probably the most complete photo editing and camera applications for iPhone.

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