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Updated Google Translate app works well with small hiccups

Google has updated its flagship translation application and the updated version certainly shows quite a bit of promise. According to Google, the updated application will help the monolingual travelers all across the globe in various ways. The application has brought in quite a few new functions which will allow the individuals to navigate through the unknown foreign lands. One of the best features that has been inducted into the application is the conversation mode where two individuals can talk to each other in their own language and Google’s Translation application will do the translation for you.

The previous version of the Google Translate application allowed two people to communicate with each other across different languages by touching the button to detect the language spoken. The update takes the application to another level as now the application can automatically detect the language and translate it simultaneously. But there exists certain issues as the diction is different for different individuals.


Google has also added many new languages to the application, which widens its scope. The new languages added to the application includes Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portugese and Russian. In the previous version, the users could translate texts to their desired language by taking its picture. With the update, the application will now try to translate the text on the move as you point your lens towards it.

One of the new features added to the Google Translate application allows the users to enter text or patterns by simply drawing on the screen and the application will translate it for you. This is by far one of the most accurate inclusions for the application. According to the statistics, more that 500 million individuals use Google Translate every month and the expectations are that the updated application will serve their needs in a much better way.


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