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Researchers create smallest laser of the world; with the size of a rice grain

Modern day quantum computing takes another leap forward as researchers at Princeton University have created a Laser, which is no bigger than a small grain of rice. As it happens, the literally impossible feat has been achieved by the researchers. The extremely small laser of the size of a grain of rice consumes one-billionth power compared to that of a hair dryer. The laser is one of the smallest scientific inventions till date.Reasearchers at Princeton University create smallest laser of the world

According to the statement of Dr. Jason Petta, the laser created by the researchers is the smallest that you can currently go for with the single electron devices. Dr. Petta is a professor of Physics at the Princeton University along with being the team leader of the group that built the laser.


The reports also suggest that the making of the smallest laser in the world took Dr. Petta and his fellow researchers, to use thin nano wires to link pairs of quantum dots. Quantum Dots are artificial molecules made up of bits semiconductor material, Indium Arsenide. The quantum dots were placed 6 millimeters apart inside a super conductor material, termed Niobium. The cavity where the quantum dots were placed also had mirrors along the walls.

The device was then connected to a battery as the electrons flowed through the quantum dots. With the electrons transitioning from a higher state energy to a lower state energy, photons in the range of microwaves were emitted. The mirror reflected the scattered photons to generate a focused beam of microwave energy, Laser.

The best thing about the Laser is that the fact that the structure forces the electrons to cross from one quantum dot to another dot one by one, which automatically controls the reaction leading to a more detailed Microwave spectrum. The smallest laser can turn around the face of application of Laser right on its head.

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