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There could be 2 more planets beyond Pluto: Study

It just seems like yesterday when the chapters were changed in the Geography books of the various schools all over the world, when Pluto was demoted from the status of a planet. Education has taken a different course, since then, and it seems that the books will be needed to change again. According to the reports, two studies from the United Kingdom and Spain state that there are two more bodies rotating the sun in the space beyond Pluto. Since Pluto is no longer a planet, it seems fair to say that the extreme trans-Neptunian objects (ETNOs) also do not fall into the category of planets.Two more mysterious objects(ETNOs) lurk behind Pluto

Not a lot is known about the ETNOs, but many scientists across the globe do consider the scenario where the existence of such objects is possible. According to the modern Solar System Model, there are no such objects beyond Neptune, which follow the rules of the Solar System and revolve around our Sun in a fixed oval path. The two distinct masses that the scientists are talking about have been discovered recently, thus adding more interest in the matter.


One of the theories pushed forward directly goes against the current Solar System model that we follow. In case, the existence of the two unknown objects can be referred to as planets, the whole Solar System will be altered again. Although there is no solid proof in favor of the two distant objects, it is quite clear that they have caught the attention of the major Space Research Organizations.

Many researches have revealed the existence of many ETNOs beyond the orbit of Neptune. Having caught the attention, one can be assured that more research will be done and the results will revolutionize the whole idea that we have about our Sun and the Solar System.

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