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Detroit Auto Show welcomes 2 supercars

Automobile industry witnessed a gala event in Detroit, where the auto show was happening. Lots of new things coming in 2015 were highlighted at the event. To everyone’s surprise, Ford and Acura launched supercars at the Detroit Motor Show.ford-gt-acura-nsx-detroit-auto-show

If you are passionate about automobiles, the car show had lots of innovative stuff for you. But the supercars are just amazing. The cars showcased at the event, gave everyone a glimpse of what the future holds. The excitement was worth it as the new Ford GT and Acura NSX were unveiled one by one.


While Ford GT is highly innovative and over 600 horsepower, this blue sports car is every bit exotic. The carbon body and twin-turbocharged engine is alone enough to give it a big fat price tag. But performance wise, people in the U.S. The North American International Auto Show witnessed such bold and expensive automobiles, which stole the show. Ford is definitely rolling out this model for the wealthy and thrills loving people.

Honda’s Acura NSX was another affluent car to be launched at the Detroit Auto Show. This next generation supercar became everybody’s favorite. Build with a vision and breaking the rules, doing the unexpected in the luxury segment, Acura has a dynamic design and exhilarating performance. The sports heritage of NSX is combined with the latest innovative technology and has ultra-rigid, lightweight body.

Both supercars will compete in the luxury segment and the leaders of both the brands are confident to leave a mark with such innovative foot forward. 2014 was a good year for the luxury segment; in 2015 it will increase too. Models like these that touch both luxury and fast speed, are loved by the car enthusiasts in the U.S. and both brands Ford and Honda want to serve consumers without competing in this relatively new supercar segment.

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