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NASA: 2014 was by far the warmest year in last 5000 years

We have all read in our Geography books that the temperature is maximum around the equator and decreases as well move towards the pole. Although the statement still remains true, I certainly doubt that the temperatures will be on the descent at the same rate in the coming years. According to two United States Government agencies, the year 2014 was by far the warmest year in at least 5000 years. The agencies also fear that things might just get worse in the near future. The average temperature of the earth has been on the rise for more that a decade now and experts believe that it has reached dangerous extents now.Studies show that 2014 was by far the warmest year in last 5000 years

According to the statement released by the White House, studies by two major agencies, NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), show that the change in the climatic conditions is due to the excessive emissions of various greenhouse gases in the last decade of so. Both NASA and NOAA had warned way back in the past that such a day would certainly appear where things might just get out of control.


The 10 warmest years on Earth have all been since the year 1997 which is a direct indication to the effect that Global Warming has had on the temperature of the earth. The Temperatures during the year 2014 have broken quite a few records in many parts of Africa and Europe. The temperatures were above normal in regions like the western United States, eastern Russia, parts of Australia as well as interiors of South America.

NASA and NOAA have stated it clearly that the constant rise in the temperatures will have adverse effects on the Earth as the sea levels are already on a rise endangering millions of individuals living around the coastal regions. Antarctica has also suffered adverse effects owing to the Greenhouse effect.

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