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Charlie Hebdo: French media websites stay offline as France suffers cyber attack

The array of Cyber attacks continues, as this time it is the French media websites on the part of the suffering. According to the reports, several well known French media websites went offline for a few hours on Friday morning. As soon as the French media websites went down, there were speculations about another cyber attack. Many websites went down, including the websites of some important national and international newspapers. But the unreal word came from the web hosting provider as they completely denied the occurrence of any Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.hackers

The detailed reports suggested that the disruption continues for 20 minutes as major local and national news channels and paper’s websites stayed down. Some of them went completely offline and some were difficult to get into. The disruption sometime around 10 A.M. (Paris Time).


The matter was looked into with urgency as many people have already been brought in for questioning. L’Express is one of the many sites that went down during the disturbances during Friday. The rumors point to a group named AnonGhost working under the banner of ‘opFrance’. AnonGhost has already made quite a few threats to the French Government and Media. The other interesting fact is that all the websites that went down for 20 minutes on Friday, were hosted by the same company. This also points to the a Situation where the servers of the hosting provider, Oxalide failed.

Later during the day, L’Express tweeted stating that Oxalide has denied the occurrence of DDoS attacks. Later in the day, Oxalide stated that the issue has been identified and son after most of the services were back. Oxalide is supposedly set to lay down the detailed report soon. The year 2014 has seen a lot of attacks and leak of data, it will be important to see how the authorities gear up for this year.

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