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Hacker’s List provides hacker-for-hire service

Hacker’s List a website based in New Zealand has become the first website to provide “ethical hacking” services. The new service with a wide range of hackers allows anonymous users to post requests to professionals.hackers-list

Clients will be contacted by the anonymous hackers with price, time and to collect other details. The three-month old website has received over 500 hacking jobs and wait for successful bidders. Similar to freelancing sites, the website charges a fee on a project and payment is cleared on completion of the work. The hackers names are anonymous and users need not create a complete profile like other freelancing sites.


The 10-page terms and condition section clearly indicates that “users are not allowed to use the service for any illegal purposes”. With hourly prices of hackers priced between $28 to $300, hacking projects range in prices of $100 to $5000. Several projects ranging from hacking into Facebook accounts, websites and business accounts are listed on the website.

A majority of user requests indicate hacking of educational websites for changing grades while others include retrieving passwords, de-indexing photos and collecting client lists from other companies. However, it remains unclear if the website will be successful in the long run as it would break anti-hacking laws.

Currently the terms and working of the website indicates it legitimacy though G. A Brown, ex-chief of Computer and Intellectual property crime unit of U.S attorney’s office claimed that “hacker-for-hire service” created problems. According to government officials the site is likely to be shut down, citing the number of illegal services that are sought by clients.

Brown stated that hackers-for-hire could permit non-technical individuals to launch cyber attacks with a degree of deniability. The strangest aspect of the website is the willingness of the public to post for services in an open forum. The government is likely to be monitoring the service and an action might be taken soon.

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