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Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe to pay $415 million to settle lawsuit

Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe have proposed to pay $415 million to settle a $9-billion anti-trust lawsuit. The four firms were sued for involving in an “overarching conspiracy” for blocking movement of employees and fixing salaries.silicon-valley-lawsuit-apple-google-intel

Earlier, the proposal of $324.5 million was rejected by District Judge Lucy Koh in August. The settlement will be divided among 64,000 employees who sued the businesses for conspiring to  prevent mobility of top engineers that led to reduced job opportunities and increased income for the employers. According to the latest document filed with the high court, the providers have decided to settle the litigation though they denied any wrongdoing.


“We elected to settle the matter to steer clear of the threat, burdens and uncertainty of ongoing litigation,” Chuck Mulloy, spokesperson of Intel.

The spokesperson  stated that they have not violated any laws or did not have any obligation to the plaintiff. Koh had written to the staff of the four companies that it required the same amount as settled by Pixar, Intuit ad Lucasfilms and Silicon Valley companies had to pay a minimum of $380 million. Email exchanges between Apple founder Steve Jobs and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt had proven that the heads were  cooperating to refrain hiring each others employees.

In a 2007 email, Jobs had written to Schmidt that he would be pleased if his recruitment department stopped doing this. The message led to the sacking of Google recruiter who had approached an Apple engineer and Google staffing head asked the Google CEO to extend apologies to Jobs citing it as an isolated incident.

After the start of the anti-trust investigation by the U.S Division of Justice, the companies decided to discontinue their agreement though they deny any wrongdoings. Google, Apple and Abobe declined to comment on the matter.

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