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Teenager arrested in UK for cyber attacks on PS4 and Xbox One services

2014 was full of Cyber-attacks. Sony experienced the biggest hack and intellectual property loss because of some hacker group. Probably the last hack of the year created even more mess when a group of hackers named as Lizard Squad hacked Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One services during the holiday season. Both British police and the FBI were trying to investigate and they have arrested a teenager in Merseyside, UK.ps4-xbox-one-hack

No charges have been filed, but the investigation is under process and this teenager may or may not be a part of the Lizard Squad that claimed responsibility for the Xmas hack. Yes, it was during Christmas 2014 when people who bought the consoles during the holiday season were unable to access all the services provided by these companies.


They disrupted the online services and many gamers were unable to play because of the hack. This cyber-attack shut down many Xbox and Playstation services for five days. The gaming attack made a lot of gamers unhappy during Christmas and the offenders are still out there trying to invade some other portal. The teenager who was arrested was also charged of squatting and all his electronics and digital equipment was seized by the officers. He is a very quiet and indoor child, all the neighbors claimed.

The cops also came forward and advised in favor of making entertainment more secure and protected from such offenders. Lizard Squad is an online hacker group that mainly operated from Russia as per the latest findings of FBI. The extract fun out of making the lives of others messed up. The dark web and such cybercrimes continue to cause havoc and big brands like Microsoft and Sony must do something to keep their customers safe.

Taking advantage of online gaming should not come with the risk of being hacked, told the investigating officers.

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