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Download/Install UC Browser (HD) on Windows 7/8 Desktop PC

UC Browser is a fantastic mobile browser developed by UCWeb, also otherwise, popularly known as UC Mobile. The UC Browser was originally launched way back in the 2004 Summer as a J2me-only application. However, the browser underwent a recent transformation by becoming operable on mobile phone specific platforms and it currently works across all the currently available mobile OS, including Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Java ME and Blackberry.uc-browser-hd-windows

If you are using Windows Store available on Windows 8 and above PCs, you can download the official UC Browser HD from the app store.


After the development of its mobile based avatar, the UC Browser has had a stellar run with its adoption by more than 500 million users now. It is highly popular among mobile internet browsers in China and the app is also experiencing an extensive adoption by majority of India’s smart phone community. In China, UC browser already enjoys a dominant market share of 65 percent and in India, it has made its presence strongly felt with a 32 percent market share.

This quick adoption of UC browser was because of the fact that the app runs even on phones that have only basic hardware standards like feature phones. However, there have been developments now regarding making a version of the UC browser for PC users.

Although on our earlier posts, we have discussed how android store based apps can be installed on a PC using popular android emulators, there exists a way to install the UC browser without installing Bluestacks. Therefore, this is a guide for those users who do not want to download and install Bluestacks or YouWave. There is an easy way out. The following information contains a list of successive steps that will guide you towards successfully installing UC Browser on your personal computer. This guide can be used to download and install UC Browser for PC and will be compatible for Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

But before we proceed to install the UC Browser on your PC, we can look at the features of the UC browser, which may help you to decide whether you want to use UC browser on your PC or not.

Features of the UC Browser

  1. The UC browser has complex patents working behind its simple interface. The browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology, which converts the content of web pages before they are loaded for you. This process considerably speeds up the data loading durations and that is why UC browser currently stands as one of the fastest mobile browsers available.
  2. The browser supports multi-file format download without crashing or getting hung as is the case with most other browsers. This is because it comes with its own intelligent download manager that handles disrupted internet connections and mislabeled files. Thus, this browser is perfect for intermittent networks.
  3. The latest edition of UC browser, the version 9.2 for Android now comes with an add-on platform which enables you to install your favorite web add-ons to your browser and get a very similar personalized internet experience as that you get with PC browsers.
  4. It has a night mode also, which users can enable so as to work on the UC browser with dimmed brightness. This reduces the strain that a user’s eye might suffer on account of working on the phone in the darkness.
  5. It also has an incognito feature which will not save any of your browsing data. It also has custom themes to personalize your UC Browser.

Now we shall come to the installation process.

  1. Make sure that your PC is connected to the internet and does not suffer from any intermittent connection issues so that the download process remains smooth.

  2. Installing UC Browser on PC requires you to download an ‘Android Emulator’. In other posts we have discussed how apps can be downloaded and used on the PC with the help of Bluestacks. But there is another way to achieve the same objective.

  3. An alternative to ‘Bluestacks’ is the popular android emulator called, ‘Andy’. You will be required to download this first. Go to http://www.andyroid.net/ and download and install it quickly on your PC because this software is available for free. Andy is essentially an Android Emulator. This software provides the platform to enable download and installation of android store based apps on your PC.

  4. After Andy’s download is completed, you will have to locate the ‘downloads’ folder of your browser to access the executable file. Double click on the Andy’s executable file, which will start the setup process. To successfully complete the installation, you must follow the on-screen instructions which by themselves are pretty easy to follow. The software will be installed within minutes and can be made to run on both windows and Mac computers.

  5. After Andy’s setup file tells you that the installation is complete, then you have to launch the Andy software emulator by clicking on the .exe file, a shortcut of which will be made available on your desktop. The Andy software will appear just like how android appears on a smart phone device or tablet. Then, using the Andy interface, locate and launch the Google Play Store.

  6. From the Google Play store, search for the app, ‘UC Browser’.

  7. Click on the ‘install’ after the search results display the UC browser to you. This will successfully install UC Browser on your PC through the emulating virtual hardware created by Andy. However, make sure that you are ready with your Google ID credentials because the Play Store will ask you to login using those details before installation can begin.

  8. After the automatic installation is complete, you may now start using the UC browser. But a suggestion here is appropriate. Because UC browser requires the virtual hardware of a smart phone, you will be required to launch the Andy emulator before you launch UC browser. Now Happy Browsing to you all.

With these steps you will be able to successfully launch UC Browser from your PC. If you faced any difficulties during installation, please notify us in our comments section.

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