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Best 8 Ultimate Resource To Learn Android Coding Online [App Development]

For beginners who are new to programming and want to learn Android coding or develop Android apps, first thing that they should learn is Java. There are many online resources available online to learn Java and Android coding for those who don’t have knowledge of programming language.

Java is essential for developing Android Apps, once you learn the basics of Java you would be able to follow the Android lessons easily. Therefore, in this article, we have listed down eight of the best online sites that will help you learn the basics of Java and Android development so that you can start with android coding in an effective manner. Hit the jump!


1. Vogella Android Development Tutorials

The tutorials published here are simple and easy and you can find a complete step by step guides provided to the learners. Anyone can follow the lessons easily and learn Android coding online.


2. TheNewBoston Android Application Video Tutorials

As there are many resources it is very essential to select some of the best resources online. For those who are beginners can use this resource as it provides complete guidance on how to develop Android apps. You can also find some 200 video tutorials which are of immense help to the users to learn the different android concepts. This is one of the best resources, creating interest in the people to learn android.

This website divided Android app development tutorials into two categories. Here are those : Android app development for beginners and Android app development.


3. Android Hive

In this resource ample information is available to the user’s ad it is the most useful means to master in android. There are awesome tutorials, amazing apps and wonderful tips given here which are quite interesting mean to learn android.


4. Kevin Darty’s Google Plus post on Android Resources

This is a Google+ post from Kevin Darty where he shared some amazing resources to learn Java and Android. Do not forget to check the comments by other users that will help you to discover more resources to learn.


5. Developing Android Apps

This is an indispensable resource which gives complete training for those who want to develop Android apps. This course is built by Google, which is approx 10 weeks long program and already joined by more than 1lac students.


6. Android Developers

One of the must website that Android developers should bookmark that is built by Google. This website helps you to learn everything that any developer need to know about Android coding whether you are building apps for mobiles, wearables, TV or auto.


7. Vogella Java Tutorials

This is one of the wonderful guides as you can learn Java with the help of step by step guidance provided here. This is best and most resourceful as people can learn at their own pace and easily follow the tutorials. This is ideal for even those who have nil knowledge about coding.


8. TheNewBoston Java Video Tutorials 

There are some amazing video tutorials. They are approximately 87 in number. It is an informative site which helps a user to get familiar with the basics of Java.


These are some of the awesome and handy resources making it easier for people to learn Android. If you know any other website that you think would be useful for those learning Android app development, do let us know in the comments sections below. 

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