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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors: Price, Specs and Release Date

It is probably too early in the year, but rumors about Samsung Galaxy S6 has already started to knock the doors. Whenever we are talking about a smartphone, the sense of anticipation comes to us at ease. And in case, the talks are about flagship devices from giants like Samsung, rumors start stirring up before you can even blink. Although, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be easily termed as ‘a recent inclusion’ into the smartphone arena, rumors about Samsung Galaxy S6 have already picked up the pace. One thing is for sure that in case of high-end smartphones, the users have a tendency to expect a much better device the next time.Samsung Galaxy S6: Rumors

On the other hand, Samsung just launched another high-end device in September last year. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which replaced Note 3 is thus just a few months old. Interestingly, in spite of the late introduction, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gave a tough competition to Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The users on the other hand, are probably not satisfied with just the tough competition. The experts believe that the main reasons for the rumors of Samsung Galaxy S6 to come up so early, is that the Android users want to see iOS left behind. Thus, the general thought is that Samsung Galaxy S6 should leave behind all the counterparts in its category.


Let us take a look at what we want from Samsung Galaxy S6!

O be true, Samsung also has a tendency to replace its last flagship device every year. Just as the year 2014 saw the replacement of Note 3 by Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the users have already started anticipation a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with an advanced device, Samsung Galaxy S6. One this is for sure that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have to be better that Note 4 as well as S5.


This is very important section, where Samsung desperately needs to change a few things. I am personally not a big fan of Samsung’s plastic body coupled with similar soft of designs. Last year, Samsung made a change with Note Edge. The rumors are that Samsung might just make a big jump in this case. Samsung Galaxy S5 followed the tradition of similar design with small sections of metal straps in between. The rumors about Galaxy S6 are that the whole design is new. There is a huge possibility that Samsung will move out of its plastic materials and give way to a better metal body.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 probably has the best display among all the smartphones currently available in the market. Note 4 comes with a Quad HD display. Thus, the expectation will be that Samsung includes the Quad HD display to Samsung Galaxy S6 as well, which will in turn boost the device way ahead of its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S5. This is probably not absurd as Samsung is known for tweaking its technology to improve the products it produces. If this happens, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be directly equal to Note 4 and LG G3 in this regard.


This is where the whole difference is expected to be made. First of all, the rumors have it that its time Samsung puts in Snapdragon 810 processors from Qualcomm. Note 4 holds Snapdragon 805 processor. With the inclusion of the Snapdragon 810 processor, Samsung can certainly certify a better graphics stabilization and battery performance.

Other rumors include that Samsung Galaxy S6 might end up with a 20 megapixel primary camera and a 5 megapixel auto sensing camera in front. The above specifications coupled with optical image stabilization will give Samsung Galaxy S6 a certain edge over its counterparts.

Rumors also suggest that Samsung Galaxy S6 might just completely erase the 16GB variant. Thus, in case Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with 32GB internal memory and the expansion is supported up to 128GB, you might just never need to worry about memory again. To add to all of this, there are even rumors about new features being added to the stylus or the S pen. It will be interesting to see what Samsung is up to.

Operating System

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with Android Kitkat 4.4.4. Samsung has already announced that the device will be rolled out an upgrade to Android L in early 2015, but there are no signs of the update till now. I will be mighty pleased in case, Samsung decides to launch Samsung Galaxy S6 directly with Android L. This will yet again leave most of the counterparts behind and allow Samsung to make a valiant return into the arena.

The users are also expecting some variations with Samsung’s TouchWiz User Interface. Samsung is well-known to tweak its technology to make it more attractive.

Galaxy S6 Price

As well all know, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the costliest smartphones currently in the market. At a price of $299.99 Galaxy Note 4 has not attracted a lot of customers. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Note Edge drew a good crowd with an innovative design and a slightly cheaper price. Thus the rumors are that Samsung might well cut down the costs by $50 to stay in the range.

Galaxy S6 Release Date

This is where most of the individuals are making a wild guess. To be true, there is no clear idea as to when Samsung might launch Samsung Galaxy S6. We will have to wait for the news to come in.

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