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Oppo U3 to release one day before Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2

Oppo U3 with the MT6752 CPU, has been confirmed for its unveiling on 14th Jan, just one day before the unveiling of Xiaomi’s next ambitious flagship device, the Redmi Note 2, which has been slated for release on January 15th at Beijing.oppo-u3-leaked-pics

Oppo must have felt an urgency to release its device before January 15th because the company may have feared the new device’s release getting lost in the din and clamor of Xiaomi’s latest smart phone adventure that is already teasing people with its Cicada’s wings type slimness.


As one may have noticed, smart phone makers are shifting en masse to 64 bit processors for their new line of smart phones. Oppo also is not keen to miss the 64 bit bus and therefore the latest offering comes with a 1.7 GHz octa-core Cortex-A53 processor with a chipset powered by MediaTek MT. The U3 also happens to be the first offering from Oppo to function on a 64 bit processor.

The latest phablet salvo from Oppo will feature a 5.9 inch long display screen with a 1920 x 1080p resolution. With a screen size that big, the U3 will be one of the largest phablets from Oppo’s labs. The phone will come with a premium level shooter quality with the front camera enjoying a 13 MP resolution capability. Although the Oppo U3 had recently received TENAA network approval, which had fired speculations regarding the back camera having a 4x optical zoom capability, such rumors have also sparked pointed skepticism. No clear confirmation on that front has yet arrived although some websites have reported that the camera will come with a 4x optical zoom capability. Additionally, the camera on the front will sport a 5 MP shooter with LED flash capability.

Oppo U3’s graphics are supported by Mali T760MP2 GPU Chip and it will come docked with 2 GB of main memory. The stock storage capacity will be 16 GB, expandable via a micro SD card. Interestingly, U3’s multimedia features could give most premium end smart phones a run for their money. The U3 packed with a separate AK4961 audio chip will enable HiFi audio amplification.

With all its features laid out and discussed, it unfortunately has to be mentioned that there has been no official communication from the company or its global website regarding an international release of the U3. The release date of January 14 has been announced for U3’s release in the Chinese market.

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