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Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 release date confirmed; to be unveiled on January 15

Last week, Xiaomi confirmed Red Note 2 as the device that will be launched on January 15, at a company event. Xiaomi’s last week’s teaser campaign for the same device carried a simple photograph of a curved palm in black background. A very thin gap between the index finger and the thumb hinted at the arrival of what could possibly become the world’s slimmest smart phone. This playful teaser cleverly indicated what kind of device will be unveiled on January 15 without releasing any details.xiaomi-redmi-note

However, it does not leave to anyone’s imagination that the device aspires to be the thinnest phone around. A Xiaomi representative has even claimed that the upcoming device from Xiaomi’s labs will be slimmer than the wings of a cicada. Call it a marketing gimmick or hyperbole exaggeration; it is without any doubt that Xiaomi is slowly becoming part of a trend for smart phone makers to go for eye-grabbing design innovations in order to stay ahead.

That teaser campaign from Xiaomi had the desired effect because it sparked off a flurry of speculation in the gizmo world about the device that would be launched by Xiaomi. It was speculated by many that Xiaomi would like to continue with its successfully selling Mi series and it was suggested that January 15 may witness the release of Mi5. However, now Xiaomi, a privately owned company headquartered in Beijing, China, has confirmed that it will be Red Note 2 that will be unveiled at the highly anticipated event. The event will be conducted at the Beijing National Convention Center on January 15.

Now post-confirmation, the popular Chinese e-commerce store, ‘Oppomart’ has even unexpectedly listed the still to be announced Note 2, on its web store. As required for every other product, that listing also revealed the full range of specs that are expected to come with the latest Xiaomi device, which is being touted as the Chinese smart phone maker’s flagship device for 2015.

According to product listing information available on Oppomart, the latest Xiaomi phablet will cost about $249. It also listed a 5.7 inch full HD screen with a 1920 X 1080P resolution with a 2.5D glass screen. The processor will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64 bit octa-core processor. The best bargain that may be available on the Note 2 will be its 13 MP back camera along with a 5 MP front camera. The OS is expected to be an Android 4.4 OS based customized MI user interface (MIUI).

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