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CES 2015: Internet of Things might just arrive sooner than expected           

CES 2015 is on a high as the official announcements about the much awaited Internet of Things (IoT) was made. The CEO of Asian tech giant Samsung had previously announced that the Internet of Things will power our homes with smart thermostats and water meters, which will in turn a lot of purposes. According to the current situation, the authorities in the United Kingdom are trying out various things, which will ultimately lead to the correct and efficient implementation of the IoT. As it stands currently, most of the individuals around the globe use smartphones, thus giving an obvious edge to IoT.ces-international-2015

It is important that the authorities working on the concept of IoT ensure that the products are genuinely user friendly. The reason that the experts are saying so is because the over sales figure for overall electronic goods have fallen by 1%, in spite of the rise in the sales of smartphone and smartwatches.


Many companies have started working on the concept of IoT and are looking forward to produce products which will help various individuals to turn their appliances into the smart ones. According to the reports, United Kingdom is working with some sensors, which will notify the parking lot administrator whether the parking lot is full or there are any vacant spaces or not. Similarly, British Gas has also invested in a company named AlertMe, who are working to produce a system  which will allow the users to manage the temperature of the room from their smartphones.

The good thing is that the concept has caught the attention of many tech giants all over the world and it seems that the development will surely be on the brighter side. It will be interesting to see how the various governments all over the world react to the Internet of Things.

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