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Struggling BlackBerry launches BBM service for Android Wear

The erstwhile communications biggie RIM, which pioneered the smart phone revolution, has unveiled a new BlackBerry’s BBM service for smart Android Wear. RIM, the Canadian company, which ruled the roost amongst device manufacturers and messaging service providers, in the years gone by, have now managed to crawl back into innovating itself once again. However, Blackberry may be extra cautious this time around and may perhaps like to test the popularity of the BBM service on Android Wear before it decides to come out with a fully fledged BB smart wear.bbm-android-wear

Now that BBM service will be available on your wrist, BBM’s users will no longer have to face the hassle of digging into their pockets to fish out their Blackberry devices to respond or interact with the BBM service. This new development will enable you to check on any notifications, received messages, and invites by merely flicking your wrist. The wrist wear cross-platform BBM service will also allow you to flip through several messages to find that one with the address you are looking for or pick from a list of pre-defined messages to quickly send a response. All this can now be done while you are in a meeting or in a class or even when you are sipping coffee, without resorting to too many physical movements that may prove distracting to your group. Users can also use voice and Google Now to respond to messages completely hands-free.


Blackberry has also continued to brandish its ‘secure’ communications technology by emphasizing the new app as, ‘discreet messaging from your wrist’, during its unveiling at this year’s annual CES event. This BBM for Google’s Android Wear platform is expected to be available for download early this year. Users will be required to first install BBM on their Android smart phone devices before it could be accessed using wearable technology.

Given the current situation for Blackberry and the company’s quips on its blog, it doesn’t seem that Blackberry may come out with its own device anytime sooner. What may be more likely is that Blackberry may increasingly look for newer ways to retain and sustain its customer base that had veered off into rival companies’ devices. Blackberry aims to do this by supporting applications development for cross-platform technology. The recent addition of BBM service on Android Wear is an offshoot of that thinking which follows on an earlier move to make BB messenger interoperable on iOS and Android devices.

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