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Mark Zuckerberg to hold first International Q&A from Columbia

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced his plans to host the first international Q&A session from Bogota, Columbia on Wednesday. The session is an initiative by Zuckerberg to support the global availability of Internet connection by Internet.org.mark-zuckerberg-china

The CEO might reveal more details about the social-networking site, as an international product and about the improved video features. The company’s first two Q&A sessions in November and December were held at Menlo Park headquarters while the third will be held at the town hall. The CEO made the announcement on his Facebook page.


“I’m looking forward to hearing more people who use Facebook in Latin America,” said Zuckerberg.

Users are urged to submit the questions and the session will be held for one hour. This time the top questions include why the CEO gets to keep a four-letter username while users are restricted to five, regarding the company’s plans to compete with YouTube and many more. The prompt questions have been made in Spanish and Portuguese.

The Internet.org initiative allows users to access Facebook, Google and other services in developing countries. Recently, the company had appointed ex-head of Blackberry BBM Andrew Bocking as product manager for managing  the Internet.org app. During the December 11 session, the company had explained by it would never include a “dislike” button and similar questions are expected this time.

Zuckerberg had promised to post the video highlights after the session the complete event. It remains to be seen if the company will be holding a Q&A session every month as the founder has been involved in more public events and sessions. More details will be revealed after the event.

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