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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date, Specs and Price [Rumor]

With speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S6 version and its variant floating in the tech world since September last year, the Galaxy S6 has already managed to cause quite a flutter in the consumer smartphone market and perhaps may have also stolen a bit of thunder from Apple’s iPhone 6 series phones.samsung-galaxy-s6-concept

It was rumored that Samsung will come out with its next flagship smart phone, the Galaxy S6 and its variant Galaxy S6 Edge anytime this year. It was reported on Sammobile that Samsung was allegedly testing the new devices that the South Korea based company plans to launch this year. It is also rumored that Samsung is also experimenting on ‘trend-breaking’ designs to disrupt the increasingly saturating smartphone market that has seen a deluge of identical looking phones. Accordingly, it is rumored that Samsung has been toying with curved edge screens for its smart phones. However, how much of a trend breaker that might be, it still remains to be seen if that will give any advantage to Samsung, because the idea of curved screens is not something that is novel in itself.


Now it has been confirmed that Samsung has brought its latest flagship smart phones to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is currently underway at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas. But much to the general consumer’s chagrin, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and its variant have been made available for viewing only to Samsung’s select partners behind closed doors. It is a common practice to exhibit, an upcoming device, only to industry experts for a last minute feedback and comment. Interestingly, Samsung did not exhibit any mobile device at this year’s Electronic Convention, choosing instead to display other electronics especially television. A wise choice after all, considering Samsung’s incentive to not hurt the frothing buzz that is getting generated for Galaxy S6.

Codenamed as Project Zero, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been rumored to possess the following specifications:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release date:

Going by the timelines of product launches that were exhibited at CES events; we can fairly assume that Galaxy S6 might hit the stores by April 2015. A likely event since the Galaxy S5 release happened in the same month in April 2014. Accordingly, we can assume that Samsung will choose this year’s Mobile World Congress to be held in Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain as the likely event on which it will launch its Galaxy S6 chain of devices and its variant, the S6 Edge. Samsung has taken the launch of its Galaxy S6 very seriously after it fired dozens of employees following the less than satisfactory response to its S5 device. Its head of mobile division and co-CEO, J.K. Shin has managed to retain his position despite earlier speculations about his likely firing. Although reportedly, its vice presidents, senior vice presidents and executive vice presidents in the mobile division were axed from their positions. This indicates how serious Samsung has taken its Galaxy S6 device’s launch and all bets are on the new upcoming device to revive Samsung’s fortunes now, which were pulled down owing to tough competition from cheaply made Chinese phone companies.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera:

Speculations are on regarding the body of the new phone. The new device is rumored to have a metal body. Although, so far it has been revealed that Samsung is re-looking at the body design completely afresh and therefore one may expect a wholly new and re-furbished model for the S6. The S6 back camera has already been touted as being capable of recording 4K quality videos, with the front camera having an additional flash capability to enhance your selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Display:

Going by the brand value that Samsung is aiming for, in order to attempt capturing its fading relevance, it is a given that the screen will have to be nothing less than the SuperAMOLED screen, which also happens to be Samsung’s screen of choice for its flagship smart phone devices. Presently, following the trend of recent releases from LG (G3) and iPhone (6), it is unlikely that Samsung will choose a lesser sized screen. Therefore, with the Galaxy S5 at 5.1 inches, it can be fairly assumed that the upcoming device may have a 5.5 or 5.7 inch screen size with a 4K Quad HD resolution. Even though Samsung promised resolutions of 3840×2160 in its releases in 2015, the Galaxy S6 may come out much sooner to be able to have that kind of a resolution.

Processor, RAM:

The tech world seems to be quite sure about the inclusion of Qualcomm’s 64 bit processors that are also supported by Android’s Lollipop OS. Between the 64 bit processors, Samsung may choose any one between the Snapdragon 808 and the Snapdragon 810. However, if one were to go with the previous rumors of the screen having 4K resolution, then a safe assumption regarding the processor here would be that it will be the Snapdragon processor 810 as the other processor is incapable of supporting 4K resolutions. SamMobile, which covered all the leaks regarding the specifications of the Galaxy S6, claims that the new device will come with its own new Exynos 7420, a 64 bit chip with four Cortex-A53 and four Cortex-A57 cores. To support such a heavy piece of hardware, the RAM will have nothing to be less than 3GB.

Operating System and Apps:

As mentioned before already, the Operating System on the Galaxy S6 device may perhaps be the Android Lollipop as that is the current available android OS that supports a 64 bit chip. Additionally, Samsung is rumored to now think beyond the box regarding the inclusion of bloatware apps and with this new device, its focus shall be on enhanced customization. It will be something like the various customizable themes that you could design on your Windows 98 PCs. To add more options, a themes store too would occupy the upcoming device.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories & Other Features:

According to the leak on SamMobile, the following list of accessories may be available for separate purchase. An S view cover case, a charger pad power, a flip wallet case, a screen protector ETC, and a protective cover case (made of PULeather). Additionally, it may come equipped with the Senheiser earphones boxed along with the device. They are rumored to also have wireless capability to please audiophiles. Although, consumers would have preferred the Galaxy S6 to come along with the StoreDot super-fast-charging technology, yet, there aren’t enough feelers confirm the same and it is much likely that the Galaxy S6 may not come along with such a feature.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price:

As can be seen from the speculations, this product will be in the premium smart phones category. Especially so, when Samsung aims to do something completely unique and new, with its upcoming devices. It is rumored that the price point for the Galaxy S6 may be upwards of $750 and for carrier phones with 2 year standard contract, it may be upwards of $199.99.

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