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Quadrantid Meteor Showers to peak over Britain; at least 80 per hour expected at peak

The first meteor shower of the year 2015 is on and the reports suggest that Sunday will see the peak of it. The people of Great Britain must be overwhelmed as the nation and its people are all set to see the first huge celestial event of the year. The Quadrantid Meteor Showers always take place early in the year, but the very first week of January is a bit too early for some of the experts. According to the reports, the Quadrantid Meteor Showers will be right at its peak at 0200 GMT over Britain. quadrantid-meteor-shower

All of this is certainly  a good news for all the sky watchers of the region, but sadly, not a lot of individuals will be able to see the Quadrantid Meteor Showers properly with the naked eye. The earned men have stated that the best time for watching the Quadrantid Meteor Showers is from midnight to the early part of the dawn, but considering the full moon effect, the lookers might just have to make way for the photographs that will come along on the newspapers the next day.


According to the scientists, the Quadrantid Meteor Showers will have at least 80 meteors every hour on Sunday and it will be the paek of it. The other parts along the Northern Hemisphere like the remaining Europe, the United States of America, Russia, Canada also has a fair chance of seeing the Quadrantid Meteor Showers provided the full  moon permits.

This is also going to be one of the rare occasions when some parts of Asia will also be able to see the Quadrantid Meteor Showers. The fear is that the best and the brightest meteors can be easily out shined by the moon. NASA urges the star gazers to find a suitable place away from any sort of bright light in order to have the glimpse of Quadrantid Meteor Showers.

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