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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5s finds new fans in the Emirates

Apple iPhone 5s, the phone released in the late 2013 has new fans emerging in the UAE. A recently released report by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE in the third quarter of 2014 asserted that the iPhone 5s is the most common handset in public hands. The report noted that smartphones now constitute 59 percent of the total registered handsets in the middle-eastern union of the emirates.iphone-5s

The report recorded that iPhone’s share in the total registered handsets on UAE networks saw a jump of 22 percent in Q2 2014 and then a jump of 6 percent in Q3 2014. Even though the iPhone still continues to comprise 3.7 percent of the total registered handsets, it certainly was noted as the fastest growing handset in terms of popularity. Although in terms of brand, Nokia currently enjoys a leadership position in the UAE, its popularity was on the wane after suffering a 5 percent decrease during the last two quarters to finally rest at 45 percent of the total handsets registered.


However, if one were to consider the data relating to specific handsets, the iPhone 5s emerges as the clear winner with 3.7 percent of the total registered handsets, followed closely by Nokia 105/1050 at 3.4 percent. Even though Nokia’s market share has been suffering declines globally, the surprising thing is that iPhone 5s has emerged as a clear winner above other strong candidates such as Samsung’s devices.

The report also revealed several other interesting facts about the current mobile digital space in the UAE. The report registered that, in view of the declining popularity of the Symbian OS, Android OS has emerged as the clear winner as the most popular operating system used in the UAE. It also noted the heavily lopsided traffic that Facebook received in the UAE as compared to other websites.

The report recorded a total of 28 billion visits to social networking websites of which Facebook alone accounted for a whopping 88% followed by Twitter languishing at a distant second with a share of9% of the total UAE hits. It was also observed that Apple iTunes is the most visited amongst the application websites following by the usual players in the game such as Samsung Apps, Google’s Playstore, Nokia’s OVI with Blackberry apps trailing as a distant tail ender.

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