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500GB Seagate Seven claims the world’s slimmest hard drive title

Seagate, the personal storage giant in the tech world has continued to survive all kinds of imitations and threats facing the personal storage industry, especially by its dint of improvisations. However the very contemporary idea of ‘Internet of Things’ is now driving innovation in the most unlikely of all places, i.e., the personal storage devices.seagate-seven-thin-hard-drive-500GB

With this year’s mega technology event, the Consumer Electronics Show, which is scheduled to begin from Tuesday at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, having ‘Connected Technology’ as one of its central themes, Seagate has been quick to grab hold of the potential in the enlarging storage market. Following that, Seagate announced three new storage devices from its laboratory, with all three of them bringing something fresh to the table.


Three devices, announced by Seagate are 1) The Seagate Seven, 2) The Seagate wireless, 3) The Seagate personal cloud. Although there is nothing fundamentally new about any of the devices as the technology has been in existence much before, but the entrance of a mass market leader in personal storage in such types of storage devices has ensured that the ‘connected homes’ revolution is set to arrive sooner than later.

The Seagate Seven will easily become the sleekest offering from the company and may perhaps be next only to the LaCie’s Mirror in its appearance and coolness factor. This is because it is the slimmest 500 GB device available for consumer usage. It will also be made available in 320GB, 250GB, 160GB versions. It will come in a shiny metallic steel casing that will envelop the bare internal HD drive that is all of but just 5 mm thick. With the 2mm silver casing, the thickness will be a mere 7mm. It will sell for $100 and will be available by late January.

Additionally the two other devices will contribute to the ‘connected homes’ revolution. The Seagate Wireless is also a 500 GB storage device that is available with customizable color casings allowing one to choose from white, slate gray, fire-engine red, lime-green and cool blue. This wireless enabled device will function similarly to Apple’s Time Capsule by allowing transfer of content from mobile devices wirelessly. Incredibly, it has its own inbuilt wireless systems, which therefore do not require any additional external network source. It will be available at $130.

Sensing that cloud technology, which has already created efficiencies in the professional world, could also generate positive outcomes in the personal world, Seagate also announced the Seagate ‘Personal Cloud’, which will act like your domestic server and comes in the ranges of 3TB, 4TB and 5TB capacities. It will be available at $170.

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