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Apple Watch To Arrive Earlier Than Expected In Europe

An update has been made in Apple’s websites in Europe, which is indicative of the fact that Apple Watch might launch earlier than the expected date. The Apple’s European website stated “coming in 2015” for the smartwatch but it has now been updated to “Coming early 2015”. This is a clear cut situation of the smartwatch being launched earlier than its expected date.Apple-Watch-logo-main1

The Apple’s website in the US also reads the same words. Hence, it is evident that Apple smartwatch will be arriving sooner than expected in the market. Early 2015 can be thought of as the current times too, but it is obvious that Apple will not share the same space with other companies making announcements at CES that is starting from next week.


If we start speculating, there are chances that the smartwatch by Apple could be launched on 14 February, on the Valentine’s Day. The reason behind it is that Apple treats its smartwatch as a piece of expensive jewelry; this is something which is not seen in products from other manufacturers. The Apple Watch has been already displayed at the Paris fashion show and it has been promoted with a fashion model.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook accepted that the smartwatch is a game changer in the market. According to the Wall Street Analysts, the sales of Apple smartwatch can reach up to 30 million units in the first year. There is a huge buzz about the smartwatch and it is a big hit among the fans even before its launch.

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