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Palm brand to come back in 2015 – Thanks to Alcatel OneTouch

The Palm branded smartphones are likely to make a comeback in the year 2015. This time, its Alcatel OneTouch that is behind the revival of the Palm branded smartphones. While we visit the website mynewpalm.com, it shows a familiar Palm logo that is having a caption “coming soon” and “smart move” under it. The website has been registered to a company named Wide Progress Global Limited that has bought the rights to use the Palm brand from Hewlett Packard in the recent past.palm-alcatel-onetouch

Another name that is attached to the Palm smartphones is Nicholas Zibell, who serves as the President of operations for Alcatel OneTouch in America. Alcatel OneTouch has already released a handful of smartphones internationally, but none of these phones have been able to impress most users.


Alcatel OneTouch is not very well known outside of Asia, unlike the companies like ZTE, Huawei or Xiaomi. Palm is very well known in the US, but it does not enjoy a great history and it has not been associated with good hardware in the recent past.

An official announcement from Alcatel OneTouch has not been received yet, but rumors point out to the fact that Alcatel OneTouch may be reviving the palm branded smartphones in the market. The use of “smart move” tagline has made the rumors even stronger as Alcatel OneTouch uses a similar tagline for its brand resurrection.

CES 2015 is certainly a big opportunity for Alcatel to state its plans about palm branded smartphones. This could serve as a perfect platform for the company to make an announcement regarding the same and attract attention.

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