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Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search outage caused by Bad Code

Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search which went offline for 20 minutes was caused by bad code and not due to a cyber attack. The outage was reportedly caused by a code update by Redmond and was noticed by several web services and Twitter users.screen-shot-2015-01-02-at-3-09-02-pm

Some users also reported that Microsoft’s Hotmail service, outlook and portal.office.com were down during Bing’s outage. While using Yahoo Search on the Homepage, users were redirected to search.Yahoo.com that showed an error message. The outage was caused by a “bad code” caused by an update released by Microsoft for Bing search engine.


“Microsoft customers have experienced a brief isolated services interruption,” said a Microsoft spokesman.

Microsoft had to shut down its groups of linked servers to recover from the outage after rolling back the update failed. Yahoo faced difficulties in processing search requests, even after the problem was fixed and became fully operational by evening. A source in Yahoo confirmed that the outage was caused by the “bad code” and not a cyber-attack as believed.

While Bing was down, Microsoft’s mobile assistants Siri and Cortana were affected, users reported. Yahoo search is powered by Microsoft’s Bing under a partnership announced in 2009. Yahoo’s service had to wait until the company’s restoration of the service.

Yahoo and Microsoft confirmed the outage. Yahoo stated that it was aware its service was unavailable to users and its engineers were working to restore the service at the earliest. Isitdownrightnow, a website monitoring service also confirmed that Bing suffered a brief outage.

Twitter users posted the screenshots of the outage while some users were frustrated.Yahoo posted a message that its search service will be right back and thanked users for the patience. As Microsoft Live and Sony PlayStation Network recently came under attack by hackers many users believed the outage was a cyber-attack.

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