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Apple faces lawsuit over storage misrepresentation of devices

Apple has been sued over misrepresentation of storage in devices like iPad, iPhone, iPods and other devices. The lawsuit was filed by Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara who claimed that the iOS used high flash memory and the storage capacity were misleading users.ios_memory_usage_chart

The lawsuit was filed on the behalf of their Apple devices which had 8GB and 16GB capacity. The lawsuit also mentions that the company does not notify users that the devices does not hold much music, photos and videos as advertised. Millions of dollars are sought as damages for users who are facing limited storage space.


“Apple fails to disclose to consumers that 23.1 percent of the advertised storage capacity of the devices will be consumed by iOS 8,” said the plaintiffs from Miami, Florida.

The plaintiffs allege that Apple promised more storage space than they actually provided to consumers. The 16GB Apple devices which are also offered cheap are the devices where the OS occupied one-fifth of the storage space. Orshan owns a 16GB iPhone 5s and Endara owned a 16GB iPhone with iOS 8 installed. Both hope that the company would provide $5 million in damages to 8GB and 16GB iDevice owners.

The lawsuit also claims that Apple might think to escape the lawsuit as it would challenge by claiming to offer iCloud service and wrongly mentions that other cloud services cannot be accessed as Box and Google Drive are accessible. The lawsuit follows the complaint filed against Apple over management of music files on iOS devices. The suit also included testimony of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and was dismissed by US jury.

Apple iPhone 5s has a lower percentage of capacity that is unavailable to users with 18.1 percent, while iPod device remained high with 23.1 percent. Apple is yet to respond to the lawsuit with an official statement.

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