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Sony PlayStation Network finally back to life after 3 days of death

Three days of extreme disappointment and frustration comes to an end as Sony’s PlayStation Network comes back to life. The whole PlayStation Network had been dead since the evening of Christmas. According to the reports, the PlayStation Network was subjected to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The fate of Xbox One was the same, but gladly Microsoft was able to bring back the services within a day. Things did not work out the same for PlayStation 4.playstation-network-hacked

The engineers at Sony were able to sort out the effects of the DDoS attack and bring back the network to life today, exactly 72 hours after the network had gone out. Just as the news comes as a sense of relief to the innumerable customers who bought PS4 this year for the holidays, it also raises a few questions about security issues with Sony PlayStation 4. The main question that strikes is that when Microsoft could bring Xbox One back into action, where did Sony fail?


On the other hand, the organization responsible behind the failure of Playstation 4 and Xbox One has claimed that they do not intend to disrupt the working of the two gaming platforms any more. Now, this probably leads to another question! What was the main purpose behind the DDoS attack. We have already seen quite a few hacking incidents leading this year. The intention of Lizard Squad behind the DDoS attack is not yet clear, which does pose as a considerable threat to the users. Although, there’s no news of any leaks or loss of data from both Microsoft and Sony, one cannot guarantee anything.

Speaking from a business point of view, the failure of Sony to bring back PS4 into life soon enough might just have aided Xbox One to a certain extent. It will be interesting to see how many users actually bail out of PS4 and opt for Xbox One owing to the network failure. We must keep in mind that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the Gadget of the Year 2014.

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