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Amazon announced 2 new Kindle Fire HDX tablets and Fire HD price dropped to $139

Amazon unveiled new 2 tablets to it’s Kindle Fire series named as Kindle Fire HDX – one with a 7-inch 1920×1200 screen resolution display and another with an 8.9-inch 2560×1600 resolution display.

Amazon launched 2 new tablets - 7 & 8.9 inches Kindle Fire HDX.
Amazon launched 2 new tablets – 7 & 8.9 inches Kindle Fire HDX.

The high resolution and the new Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB RAM is directly competing to Google’s recently released Nexus 7 tablets. Although the Nexus 7 tablets dominates over iPad mini, Google has to bring it’s reported 10-inch Nexus 7 tablet to compete with the large display HDX. The last version of the Kindle Fire HD tablets were running on Texas Instruments’ processor.


The dimensions and weight of the device is much reduced than the previous model. 7-inch tablet weighs 10.7 ounce & 0.35 inches thick, whereas the same 7-inch Fire HD is weighing 13.9 ounces with 0.41 inches of thickness. 8.9-inch tablet weighs 13.2 ounce & 0.31 inches thick, whereas the same 8.9-inch Fire HD is weighing 19.2 ounces with 0.35 inches of thickness. The bigger tablet has also got a 8 MP rear camera.

However, as usual you can’t download apps from Google Play as the company used newly-converted Android 4.2 OS, named as Fire OS 3.0 (Mojito), you need to download apps from Amazon’s market. However, users of Nexus 7 and other tablets can download Kindle app but they can’t get to Google Play, Kobo book libraries or the Nook from these Kindle Fire HDX tablets. New email client, updated Amazon Silk web browser and a new “MayDay” button (in-person tech support within 15 seconds of being pressed) are the new features added by this OS. There is no any report regarding the installation/support of Fire OS 3.0 to it’s previous models.

Kindle Fire HDX tablets can be bought with/without “Special Offers by Amazon adverts” and it also comes locked to Verizon & At&T or unlocked. Three variants of both the devices – 16GB, 32GB & 64GB – starts with $229 for 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX and start from $379 for 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX. 7-inch will be available as soon as October as the company will start shipping it from 18th of that month. However, the 8.9-inch device will be available in November 2nd week as the company starts to ship it from 7th onwards. And good news for the budget users is – they can still buy the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD with slightly upgraded processor (Texas Instruments OMAP4 1.5GHz) for cropped price tag of $139 only (for 8GB model) and it will be available on October 2nd onwards. You may start pre-ordering all three models of Amazon’s tablets from today. Will this release makes any tough survival for Microsoft’s recently released Surface 2 &  Surface Pro 2?

source – amazon PR

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