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Sniper-only One Shot Mode Arrives in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The one shot mode has been added to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which is jocund news for the fans of the game who had been waiting for a similar update. This mode has been added to the online multi-player gameplay and has arrived in the game yesterday itself. This mode requires great team work and it also beefs up with double XP in COD Advanced Warfare whole weekend.call-of-duty-advanced-warfare

The One shot mode is basically designed for the sniper weapons and the fans who believe that the sniper is their driving passion for the game can enjoy the mode to the best.


All the classes with include a MORS bolt action raligun sniper rifle along with Exo abilities and perks that are designed for that one perfect shot. The secondary weapons are also excluded from the mode and hence, you should make each shot count.

According to Sledgehammer games, the Advanced Warfare Double XP is available for the weekend only and it will end its trot on Monday. However, we can see 2X XP lasting much longer than the weekend itself.

The Sledgehammer is said to monitor the downtime of PSN and the problems that are concerned with PS4 and PS3 consoles. In case the PSN problems go on like now, Sledgehammer will extend the 2XP in One Shot. Hence, there are strong chances that it will continue after Monday too.

The developer of the game has confirmed that the Double XP event is extended by 24 hours and the tweet that has been posted by the developer a few hours ago reads, “Hope you are enjoying our new #AdvancedWarfare game mode, One Shot. 2XP has now been extended in the mode +24hrs until Tues 12/30 9am PST”.

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