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Airstream faces supply shortage due to consumer demand

Airstream, popularly known as “silver bullet” travel trailers is unable to roll out the campers due to the huge consumer demand. The silver trailers are being manufactured in the same way and same place in western Ohio, 60 years back.dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls

The trailers are built by hand and features the design of airplane fuselages. Since 1930, the design has almost remained the same and has been featured in Hollywood movies and were used to quarantine Apollo 11 astronauts after their return from the moon. Airstreams also have a popular fan following with communities and rallies worldwide along with an annual Ohio Jamboree event named “Alumapalooza”.


“Any time we’ve seen an Airstream, it’s like the cloud part and an angelic choir starts singing,” said Cliff Garinn, a career counselor from Dallas.

Jon Endicott, Sales and Finance manager at Airstream Adventures claims that there is nothing in the market similar to Airstream and it is about the quality. The dealer based in Nampa since 2012 has expansion plans in the treasure valley. Airstream owned by larger Indiana-based RV maker Thor Industries build over 50 trailers every week at the Jackson center plant.

The company’s factory in Dayton is under expansion that will increase production by 50 percent and will hopefully meet the order backlog of three months. While Airstreams were popular among older consumers, the trailers are catching up among the younger generation as well, though they are priced between $42,000 to $140,000.

Airstream sales went up after it partnered with Columbus College of Art and Design to build camper trailers for working people in the age range of 20’s and 30’s. The design also includes rear hatch that can be converted into a work area with the outdoor experience. The silver trailers equipped with solar panels has even transformed into a house for 46-year old Kate Gilbert and her husband who sold their house and are traveling the country.

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