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Firm recalls Caramel Apples over contamination fears

A Missouri based firm is recalling its Happy Brand caramel apples after a fear of Listeria outbreak and a federal probe revealed five deaths and 30 illnesses in 10 states. The firm stated on Wednesday that one of the apple suppliers reported a link between the outbreak.1vjnNj.AuSt.8

The recall would be affected in 31 states and includes apples that were sold with “best used by” dates between Aug. 25 and Nov. 23. The Food and Drug Administration is urging consumers not to consume pre-packed caramel apples while the firm claimed that the Happy Brand apples were no longer for sale in stores.


“The recall is in response to the CDC’s investigation into a number of listeriosis cases that may be linked to caramel apples,” says the recording on the company’s hotline.

The apples were reportedly supplied by Bidart Brothers to the firm’s California facility. In October, a family related to 81-year sued grocery mart Safeway after she died due to Listeria caused by caramel apples. The FDA claimed that three deaths were caused by Listeria while the other two were caused by bacterial infection. However, other apple related products like cider, juice and sauce were not related to the outbreak.

The CDC has also advised consumers to abstain from caramel apples with nuts, sprinkles or any other toppings. People infected with Listeria have weakened immune system with symptoms of high fever, headache and neck stiffness. The infection in pregnant women can cause miscarriage or premature delivery. The consumer can report the state health department at (800) 495-3232 in case they see recalled caramel apple in stores.

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