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Tesla to upgrade original Roadster for increased travel range

Tesla has upgraded the original Roadster that will allow the battery-powered sports car to cover about 400 mile son a single charge. Tesla CEO announced on Friday that the company plans to drive the car from LA to San Francisco in a single trip.0D7E821800000578-0-image-a-36_1419633193009

The new battery in the original Roadster introduced in 2008 allows the longer travel range while there are upgrades to the aerodynamic design and tires of the car for better stability. The upgraded Roadster will provide an increased 50 percent range when it is driven at moderate speed and flat terrains.


“We have identified a new cell that has 31 percent  more energy than the original roadster cell,” said Tesla.

The original Roadster priced at $109,000 was the first vehicle to carry a lithium-ion battery though its popularity decreased after the release of Model S and was discontinued in 2011. The company will demonstrate the upgraded car in the coming weeks. However, Tesla spokeswoman stated that the company has no plans to start manufacturing and market the cars again.

The aerodynamic design of the car reduced drag by 15 percent, while the new tires provide 20 percent less drag. The company will take up orders for upgrades after the battery passes safety validation and claimed that there would be more upgrades to the Roadster.

On Thursday night, Musk tweeted that the upgrades would eventually make its way into the flagship sedan Model S. The electric car-maker released a major Software v6.0 update that includes traffic-based navigation, commute advice, remote usage through smartphones and others. With the falling gas prices, the company has reduced its growth projections and stated that it would sell 40 percent fewer cars in the next five years.

Since September, the firm’s stock fell by 31 percent, while shares hit a seven-month low by reaching $200 after oil prices reached $2 per gallon in several states.

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