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Foap app to tackle the stolen photos & other’s photos – as always said

Foap.com – The royalty free photo stock website, where people take photos from their gadgets and upload it via smartphone to sell it for $10 or for the “reward missions” has told to tackle the “stolen photos” issue by making it harder to sell photos, which doesn’t belongs to the uploader.

Foap.co released it's android app recently - now available in iOS & Android both.
Foap.co released it’s android app recently – now available in iOS & Android both.

Foap was the best idea to create a large database of photos, but it has to be in the right capable people or company as the support and automation of the system is not up to the mark. Moreover, the foap support has replied to a post of an user on their Facebook page:


We’re already working on solutions to make it harder to sell photos that does not belong to you. Thank you for your suggestion, it truly is a good idea and we will try to implement this as soon as possible.

And they told to send the link of stolen photos to their support email info@foap.com. By the way, they always used to say to the complaints – to send link to this email. There are no automation for tackling of the spams, copyright problems, flagging etc. Photographers are worried and posted in some forums about the issue. The company has to expand it’s vision and work towards the most successful stock photos website.

Foap app has a tremendous response from the iPhone community and it already entered into the android market, where you can sell your photos taken from smartphones as well as from you professional camera. Before your photos sent to review from “the users” like “you“, you have to review at least 5 photos of others. If you cross the 2.5 stars in rating, your photo will be published for sale in foap market. Moreover, there is one more option, “Missions”, where you can submit your photos according to the “mission” posters requirement and win cash “rewards” starting from $50 to $6000.

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