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Microsoft wants MacBook users to switch to Surface Pro 3

Things are getting a bit nasty between Microsoft and Apple. Although, none of the companies have come out straight against the other, but Microsoft seems to have taken one step further. Microsoft has recently launched a new section on their website, aimed for the individuals who are looking forward to switch from any Apple Laptop to Microsoft’s Surface Tablets cum Laptops. The webpage seems to have been designed to directly lend a thought that Microsoft Surface Tablets are better that Apple MacBook. It turns more interesting as Microsoft has made direct reference to its Surface Pro 3, thus specifying its superiority over the MacBook.Microsoft creates a separate web page to lure MacBook Users

The section was launched in the past weekend and has been named as ‘Making the Switch’. There is not a lot of complicated stuff on the web page. Instead, the webpage holds a basic outlook like most of Microsoft’s pages. It gives the basic information about Windows and why it is a  better operating system. Once done, the page will take you to the section where the direct reference has been made about the switch from Apple MacBook to Surface Pro 3 tablets.


Microsoft has ensured that all the information is taken care off starting from migration of data from devices to devices and then from the various other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. The web page also contains information about data transfer from iCloud and iTunes. Well, this might just be informative enough, but the direct references made might just not be taken lightly by Apple Inc.

As it turns out, Apple has not gone out against Microsoft till now, but things are bound to change. In all other respects, many experts have pointed the act of referencing. Interestingly, this is not the first time when Microsoft has been directly involved in bad publicity of Apple Products. It will be interesting to where the story ends.

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