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Star Wars themed Christmas light display goes viral

A California music teacher’s tribute to Star War songs with Christmas lights has gone viral on YouTube with more than 300,000 hits. The display at Newark, California includes a 19-foot piano, 17-foot guitar and lights.1297644084774_ORIGINAL

The show which features spectacular sounds from all six Star War films and lights was created by Tom BetGeorge. His house was featured on ABC show “The Great Christmas Fight” where several houses compete to showcase the best Christmas lights display. The display has indeed caught the fancy of Christmas and Star Wars fans worldwide.


“If you look closely (especially during the Cantina Song) the instruments are playing the real notes,” writes BetGeorge.

BetGeorge mentioned that his neighbors were very supportive of the show and had taken care to make sure the lights don’t shine into other houses. It took about 10 hours per minute of song while programming and two months to complete the work, he added. Tips from spectators are contributed to Centerville Free Dining, a charity program for feeding the homeless at a church.

With eight songs programmed till now, BetGeorge conducts shows from 6pm to 10pm and plays a maximum of five songs due to traffic in the neighbourhood. He uses a Light-O-Rama software for the 100,000 lights used in the display. He added that Disney lighting designers had asked him how he created the displays.

All the props including the guitar, piano and the lights were set up by BetGeorge and said he was doing this was free as it brings families together. He moved into the house two years ago and had always been interested in creating an interesting lights display. Visitors and spectators are definitely enjoying the brilliant lights display with one spectator stating that Vegas looked like a kindergarten show.

Check out the Video here:

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