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New Amazon Fire phone to be launched in 2016

Amazon has been reportedly in the process of developing a new Fire Phone that will be launched in 2016. Despite the failure of the Fire Phone with the “3D” display, the company will “go back to the drawing board” for the development of the new phone.

According the information provided by a source to Venturebeat, the company has been working on the phone for several months. Amazon decision not to release any new smartphone in time for the Christmas season indicates that the company is putting in some effort in the development of the Fire phone 2 by taking its own time.


In the recent financial quarter, Amazon had to take $170 million charge for “inventory valuation and supplier commitment costs” as thousands of Fire phones remain unsold. CEO Jeff Bezos had stated that the Fire phone needed several iterations before it would be successful in the market. The much-hyped unique 3d display and pre-loaded links to shopping at Amazon in the Fire phone did not find much users.

However, on Friday, a major software update was released for the Fire phone which included features like text translation for Firefly app, Best Shot, a new camera feature that snaps three photos at a time for choosing the best photo. Other changes include SMS messaging settings, VPN support, minor UI changes and many more.

The company is expected to take in the suggestions of consumers for development of the smartphone that will only be launched and shipped by early 2016. The long period before the release of the Fire phone 2 will also give the time to further enhance Fire OS. It remains to be seen if Amazon is planning to bring a unique feature just like it brought in the Fire phone to attract consumers.

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