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Amazon Fire Phone’s Software Update Brings Exclusive Visual Search

Amazon gifts its Fire Phone with a quality and exclusive update as the device lands into the Fire OS Version 3.6.5. According to the reports, Amazon has provided the Fire OS with an exclusive search and recognition technique, which will be able to recognize famous art pieces and artifacts with its exclusive Firefly Visual Search System.amazon-fire-phone

In addition to this, Amazon has also worked on  various special  features for the Fire Phone making it suitable for the business class users. Another exclusive feature added with the update is the best-shot feature, wherein the camera of the Fire Phone can easily control various features including music on the lock screen.


The best thing about the Firefly updates is the fact that Firefly was originally never built for the purpose of recognizing art works. Instead, the main utility lay in recognizing labels and then directly adding it to the Amazon Cart.

Following the recent update, Firefly can now recognize up to 2000 paintings using the huge amount of information available from Wikipedia. In addition, the upgrade has made Firefly available in four more languages other than English: Spanish, French, German and Italian. It is certainly amidst an interesting mix of things as many people are still in doubt of the original intentions behind the updates.

On the other hand, the Best Shot feature comes in three basic versions now.Rather, it is the Fire Phone’s way, where it allows the user to decide which  out of the three versions of the picture is to be kept. There are many more added features to the Best Shot as well, which to a certain extent excites about the future use of the feature as well. Some of the other marked improvements with the v3.6.5 include a much better battery backup, custom ringtones as well as the ability to block unwanted numbers.

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