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Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Tech and Gadgets Deals

2014 has seen many innovative gadgets brought in the market and launched worldwide. While new gadgets and gear like wearable’s and 2-in-1 tablets got introduced, smartphones got a lot cheaper. Top brands are favorites for Christmas presents this season. But what will be the perfect gift for your loved one?christmas-gadgets-deals

Here is a gift guide for gadgets and technology lovers to buy from:


1) Fitbit Fitness and Activity Tracker

This latest wearable device helps you track your activities throughout the day. It makes you more aware about your body. This is for all those who want to keep fitness in check and live healthier. The fitness trend is on and why don’t you get fit in style. The best part about this useful gadget is that it starts from $149.95 only.

2) Moto G

The next generation vanilla android phones are here. Motorola, launched the second generation of Moto G, which is an extremely powerful and easy to afford smartphone. With expandable storage and features like dual SIM cards and quad-core CPU it is as good you ever wanted your mobile to be. The sale price is low enough to get your attention.

3) Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a perfect gift for your colleague or techie friend, who loves all things Android. Chromecast appears to be a dongle like gear but it can be attached to your TV and used to stream all kinds of media from your other gadgets. Watch movies or music videos on the big screen with Google Chromecast this holiday season.

4) Seagate NAS Storage Device

Still confused, you can buy this storage gadget then. It will always come handy and nobody ever said I have too much storage. Seagate has storage devices in different sizes, so suit yourself and gift this network storage device. This will be very useful and the recipients will remember you for it.

5) STM Aero Laptop Bag

Never have a tough time travelling or going places and taking your lovely gadgets along with this Aero laptop bag. STM has specially designed compartments in its bags to protect your gadgets. Make sure you add value to your gizmos and help them with a protective bag. Under $100 this is a great Christmas gift for anyone.

6) Nokia Lumia 635

This Lumia 635 4G smartphone from Nokia is recommended by everyone. One it is the only budgeted smartphone that is packed with great software and hardware. A 4.5 inch display and great rear camera are something everybody will love. Get this Windows phone during Christmas and bring colors to your virtual life.

7) Apple iPad Mini

Apple tablet as a Christmas present? Perfect. Be it kids or adult, everybody goes crazy with this gadget. It has something for everyone. For fun-filled games to useful applications Apple seals the deal during the festive season. Go grab it now before the offer ends.

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