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FBI Warns US Businesses to be Wary of Iranian Hacking Operation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning on Friday asking the US Businesses to be wary of the Iranian Hacking Operation that basically targets energy firms defense contractors and the educational institutions.hackers

According to the reports, The FBI Flash report displays the minute technical details about the malicious software and the techniques that are being employed in the hacking operation.


An advice for tackling such operations has also been given in the FBI flash report. The FBI has taken its helping hand forward in case any business in the US needs assistance after it is attacked.

The Iranian hacking operation is reminiscent of the one similar hacking operation that took place last week as it was flagged by the cyber security firm, Cylance Inc. The purpose of the operation was to attack infrastructural organizations throughout the world. Cylance is said to have uncovered as many as 50 victims in Operation Cleaver in 16 countries.

The Chief Executive of Cylance, Stuart McClure hinted that the Iranian hacking operation must be at large now and the FBI warning must not be taken lightly. The document filed by FBI confirms that the hacking attacks have happened from two IP addresses that are located in Iran, but its connections to the Tehran government could not be proved.

Cylance exercises a strong belief about the role of Iran government behind the attacks. However, Iran has denied any of its involvement in the hacking operation. Iran has been in the limelight for the past few years for investing immense resources on its cyber capabilities. Hence, there is a high speculation about the involvement of Iran government in the operation.

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