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Deal Alert: Wal-Mart to sell Samsung Galaxy S5 for $79 with contract

If you think that iPhone 6 at $129 is the cheapest that it can get with the best smartphones in the market, then I would suggest you to wait. For all those who are looking forward to buy a new smartphone this year, you will be happy to know that Wal-Mart is offering exquisite deals on various smartphones. One of the best deals among them is the one with Samsung Galaxy S5. To say the least, the deal from Wal-Mart is something that you just cannot miss. Wal-Mart is offering Samsung Galaxy S5 at a price of just $79, which makes the deal simply irresistible.galaxy-s5-gold

According to the release, Wal-Mart is all set to give out Samsung Galaxy S5 at a price of $79 with the condition of a 2 year contract signing with either AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. To be precise, the deal offered is one of the best in the market. Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best high end smartphones available in the market currently.


The deal offered by Wal-Mart will be starting this week as the Christmas celebrations draw near. Just two weeks away from the Christmas, the offer will surely bring in quite a few customers for Wal-Mart.

As it happens, that days like ThanksGiving, Cyber Monday, etc. are all gone. But with the offers on show by Wal-Mart will make you feel like its still on. The Christmas deal on Samsung Galaxy S5 is very much similar to the iPhone 6 deals, which is being sold by Wal-Mart at a price of just $129.

The market analysts believe that these offers will allow Wal-Mart to bring in a few more customers as the Christmas week commences. One must expect quite a few deals from Wal-Mart as the Christmas comes closer.

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