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Oculus VR acquires 2 startups and hires an awesome Motion Capture expert

Oculus VR, a virtual reality company, is ending its year with more aspirations in 2015. The final move of the year will help them start really strong next year as they decided to acquire two companies for research. Camera technology is the main focus of Oculus and for exploring more and bringing innovation on the table; they have enhanced their research capabilities. Nimble VR and 13th Lab are being acquired by Oculus VR. Also, another VR visionary Chris Bregler joins the team for research.oculus-rift-facebook-bounty

To bring you incredible virtual reality experience Oculus has acquired the above mentioned startups and brought more augmented reality and camera peripheral experts. The research end will be a lot stronger when all three additions wind up their work and join in full-time. Oculus Research is trying to recreate a better world and give you a first person immersion.


Motion capture expertise is brought in by Chris Bregler who has done extensive work both as a professor as well as professional. In its attempt to make highly sophisticated virtual reality gear it has taken the right steps. Oculus brings in 3D modelling, interior modelling and tech mapping to solve big challenges in the VR product engineering.

Oculus is using Facebook’s cash really well as focusing on getting more stuff done and exploring all round possibilities of research. 13th Lab and Nimble VR are great acquisitions to make Oculus Rift extremely useful and accessible. Nimble will help you track more parts of your body and use VR equipment to its optimum potential.

Carmack, Abarsh and all top management at Oculus VR are moving in the right direction by developing the best tech. Tracking movements and making applications for interactivity is great innovation Oculus VR is looking to bring into the world.

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